Regulatory solutions for the 21st century

Are you a regulatory manager or executive who oversees key operations such as licensing, registration, intake, complaints, inspections, investigations, enforcement, discipline, quality assurance or compliance monitoring?

If so – Signal Regulatory Solutions understands your pain.

Your stakeholders’ expectations are  understandably high. Government and the public demand effectiveness, transparency and customer service, while the regulated community expects fairness, efficiency and a minimized regulatory burden. You must constantly prove your legitimacy. At the same time, the pace of social, technological, policy and legal changes mean that your environment is constantly shifting, and you have no choice but to adapt. You are busy yet seem never to have time to fix your front-line process and staffing issues, let alone to step back from the fray and work on developing a more strategic approach to your operations.

At Signal, we want to help you solve your operational problems, including:

  • problems with operational programs, processes and functions
    • outdated, inefficient, inconsistent or unfair processes
    • bottlenecks, backlogs
    • planning, design and implementation of new programs, processes and functions
  • resource and capacity issues
    • interim management support
  • stalled projects
  • change management obstacles
  • poor crisis management
  • low staff morale and engagement
  • staff training, teamwork and collaboration problems
  • lack of strategic approach, including strategies to:
    • control risk to the public
    • optimize usage of data and analytics
    • ensure continuous quality improvement
    • enhance your operational culture, and
    • determine how best to measure performance and impact.

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