Professionals and Substance Use Disorder: An All-Too Human (and Regulatory) Challenge

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The Lawyer, The Addict is a heartbreaking story in the New York Times about the shocking prevalence of substance use disorder (an umbrella term covering “addiction”) in the U.S. legal profession. The piece focuses on the search for answers by the former wife of a Silicon Valley lawyer who died of complications related to his opiate addiction.

I’ve worked extensively in this area with professional regulators, including the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario and the Law Society of Upper Canada, where I developed an array of resources and procedures for the regulator to use when dealing with lawyers and paralegals whose health problems interfere with their ability to practise.

All professions have trouble acknowledging and addressing issues such as mental illness, substance use disorder and dementia (a growing problem for baby boomers) amongst their colleagues. The health professions are at least able to see the problem as a health issue, but I believe that lawyers have historically tended to view it as a failure of will or moral courage. Nor does it help that many lawyers are so-called “high functioning” alcoholics, whose problem is quietly known and implicitly acknowledged but not necessarily addressed early on by colleagues. Continue reading “Professionals and Substance Use Disorder: An All-Too Human (and Regulatory) Challenge”

The Silver Tsunami: Regulating Aging Professionals

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The Grey Tsunami – Regulating Aging Professionals 2

I’ve always been fascinated by, and have worked extensively in the area where professional practice intersects with health problems. A particularly relevant challenge for professional regulators is managing the wave of aging baby boomers who are now at retirement age but who continue to practise.

This is a version of a presentation about aging professionals I’ve given a couple of times.