Signal Regulatory Solutions is a consulting service in Toronto, Canada, founded in 2016 and dedicated to helping regulators improve regulatory effectiveness and efficiency through support and enhancement of front-line operations, and through development of regulatory strategy based on current innovations in theory and practice.

Signal is also a learning forum, presenting updates and analysis on regulatory developments, theory, practice and educational opportunities. You can follow our blog posts here here and take advantage of a listing of relevant texts and journal articles here.

Angela Bates (Founder and Principal) Bio

Angela Bates is a lawyer and regulatory executive with over 15 years’ progressive leadership experience in the professional self-regulation and delegated administrative authority contexts.

Angela has successfully led a full array of regulatory operations and policy programs, from licensing and registration, to intake, complaints, inspections, investigations, enforcement, compliance monitoring, and committee and board support, along with policy development. Angela’s operational leadership spans program planning, design, implementation, oversight and review, while overseeing large teams in high-volume work environments. At the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario, Angela oversaw the conversion of the former Complaints Committee from paper to electronic format, thus creating significant savings. She also led the planning, implementation and oversight of the Inquiries, Complaints and Reports Committee, a 50-plus member investigative body routinely considering over 3,500 member-specific matters and issuing 2,500 or more written decisions and reasons each year, while streamlining processes, eliminating waste, and dramatically reducing decision processing timelines.

As an innovator, Angela has led the development of strategic refinements in the regulatory workplace, including professional health/incapacity processes, regulatory decision making, Lean management, risk frameworks, regulatory impact frameworks, analytics strategies, operational risk control, technological innovations, and automation.

Angela has completed professional training in facilitative leadership (Schulich), Lean management (OHA), enterprise risk management (ICD), data-driven organizational leadership (Rotman) and the Strategic Management of Regulatory and Enforcement Agencies (Harvard Kennedy School).

Angela has designed and implemented training and education for staff, committee and board members, and is a regular speaker at conferences and workshops.

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